The july setup

I was so excited to do this setup I can’t even tell you! This is a new notebook, and I’m so happy with it, it is a Cícero (a brand that only exists in Brazil, it seems) and is very good (review is coming soon, in portuguese, on the channel).

Anyways! Let me tell you about my monthly setup. Here, on the calendar, I haven’t change much, only made the squares smaller, so I could have the goals and task session on the side. I think this is pretty! ❤


Also, nothing that new in my expenses log and habit tracker (now it seems to be more like a cleaning-house-tracker, but it’s ok).


I kept the reading log, because one of my goals for this month is to read 3 books, and I want to keep track of my reading. 😀 Also, added the sleep tracker there and I won’t keep it in the weeklies, because I find it hard to see how I’m doing with that if I have to look in a lot of pages. Doesn’t seem organized.


This page is very personal, but very helpful to me. I keep track of my mood and depression here. It is a useful tool when I’m going to the psychiatrist and all of that. Also, it’s pretty! 🙂


Then, my dailies!


And that’s it for now. I’ll try some different weeklies and I’ll show you guys in another post. And I’ll review this setup in august to tell you how it worked out! 😀

Ps: If you want to be featured on my weekly or daily series, tag me on instagram (@theladyandtheink) and add the #makeityourbujo. I’ll make some special posts!


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