Since I’m on the middle of my notebook (I know, I just bought it, but what can you do, right?) thought to share some of the experience:

Hope you enjoy! 😀


The August Setup

I’m so excited for this month! I know, I always am! 😆 But it’s because a new month on the bullet journal is like a new beginning, a new chance for you to work things out, even if you couldn’t do it in the past. It really feels like leaving the past and focusing on the present and near future. 🙂

Monthly layout: calendar

So, my monthly spread didn’t change much, only that I made the boxes smaller, because I wasn’t using all of that space anyway. More space to put tasks, goals and two pretty calendars.

Expense log & Habit tracker (more like cleaning tracker)

That did not change AT ALL! The habit tracker really became a cleaning tracker, mostly because my habits are in the weekly spread, so I don’t need to put them here. 🙂

Reading log & Sleep tracker

No changes here either. My goal is to read 3 books in August, so I marked the space (still choosing them, though).

Wellness and symptom tracker 🙂

This changed a lot. I talked with my psychiatrist (who is a fan of my charts and trackers) and it seems what I have is not depression, so this month I’m trying to track what I really feel and how well I feel every day. Also, my medication time, because that has to be consistent. 😀


Hope I could give you guys some inspiration 🙂

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Daily layout ideas #2

For this month’s daily layout ideas I wanted to share my latest dailies and also, some of the nicest layouts I found on Instagram. Enjoy!

My dailies are very simple, so there is a lot of journaling 😀
S – S I M P L I C I T Y
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I love this spread. So simple and clean! ❤

#planwithmechallenge July Day 17: Biggest planner accomplishment? Starting! I know it sounds silly, but I waited & waited to start…..trying to find the ‘right’ system for me. Once I finally began, my style developed into exactly what I was looking for the entire time. All I had to do was START!
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This one is so cute and happy! 😀

Entre deux mails, un upload et une actu’ de bujo, je craque sur pokemon avec ma nouvelle 2DS, que mon loup m’a offert ! C’est le maaaaal !😅 #pokemongo #pokemon #saphiralpha #nintendo #nintendo2ds #bulletjournal #organisation #breaktime

Absolutely love this one, it’s perfect! Going to try something similar ❤

Loving the new swimming stickers! #bulletjournal

Loving the doodles and stickers! 😀

Hope you guys enjoyed! 😉

Weekly layout ideas #2

On this month’s “weekly ideas” I’m going to share my latest weeklies as well as some of the genius spreads people shared with me on Instagram. So, enjoy!

First weekly of july. Love the minimalism. And it seems that is my tendency for the moment: simple and functional. No distractions. 🙂
And as you can see, my second week was not so different 😀
I tried out using a time tracker last week. It was quite useful for my weekends in keeping track of how I chose to use my “free time.” Weekdays just make me wish I didn’t have to drive so much 😛 #bulletjournal #bulletjournaljunkies #stabilo #sharpiepen #busyweek

Christy‘s spread is awesome, a simple timeline! How great is that?

Enter a caption

Milan‘s spread is very spacious and elegant. You can organize your entire week from here.

#bulletjournaling #bulletjournal #bujojunkies #bujo #watertracker #weeklyspread #weeklyplanner #bujoweekly

This one is from Baron Von Bullet. Impressive, right? It’s a whole new way to look at weeklies. 😀

If you want to be featured next month, just tag me on IG and I’ll check out your spread. 🙂