September monthly spread

Long time no see! I have been too busy this month, but now I’m back at business.

Just uploaded a new video on my YouTube channel, about my monthly layout for september. ­čśÇ

Supplies I used:

  • Tombow markers (133 & 673)
  • UniPin Fineline pens (0.05 & 0.1mm)
  • UniBall Signo Angelic Colour (White)

Hope you guys enjoy it! ­čÖé


Birthday & Gift Ideas

As I’m setting up my new bullet journal, this came up and I’m going to show you how the spread turned out.


I know! Very colorful, and if you have read older posts, you already know I don’t like to have more than three colors in a spread, it’s too much. But I really enjoyed making this one, it fits.


In my old journal, I used to keep the dates in the future log, but decided to try this out (also, now I have a page for gift ideas, which will be useful).


And yes, my pets have birthdays.

So, do you guys keep a birthday spread? What was your inspiration?


Daily layout ideas #1

Hi guys! As I told you before, I’m going to make a series of layout ideas (for both weekly and daily spreads), and this is the first post for the dailies.

I know a lot of people prefer the dailies to the weeklies, I cannot say, I use both. ­čÖé

Here is some I came up with:

The 1st is one that I already posted (on my latest post, about the timeline). For those who like/want to track time spent in the day, this is the layout to go for.

Layout idea n. 1

This next one is a more colorful layout. Not really my thing, but I see many people enjoy a lot of color in their bujos. So, here it is.

Layout idea n. 2

The next ones are more minimalistic (I don’t know, I’m into black & white lately). The third one, with the usual horizontal header.

Layout idea n. 3

And the fourth one with the vertical header. I liked it. I’ll be using more vertical headers in the future.

Layout idea n. 4

And this is one of my daily pages in may. They keep coming up like this. A lot of b&w. And it’s lovely, so neat!

My dailies, lately.

So, for the #2 of this post, I want to select some of your dailies to show. Comment the Instagram link of your daily or tag me there @theladyandtheink and I’ll see it! ­čÖé

How I color code

Since I was a little girl, I color code. It’s not only fun to play with the colors, but very helpful. Although, ┬ámy minimalist and clean self is having a hard time putting in the bullet journal.

I have seen many people writing with colored pens for it, but that could never work for me. There’s waaaaay to many colors. I really enjoy a clean look, with no more than a 3-colour palette, and┬ápreferentially, pastel colours. Aren’t they the best?

So, I tried a system this week, color coding an external box of my tasks:

Here you can see my dailies, all rainbow.

Results: still too much color. I’ll try another thing next week! Haha

As I said: a rainbow! Also, my handwriting is not that good.

But the nice thing is that I have a fixed set of colours that I can use in the timeline!

What do you think?

How I Bullet Journal

So, this is my very first post and I would like to introduce you guys to the way I do my┬ábullet┬ájournalling. ­čÖé

Well, first, what is a bullet journal?

Ok,┬áso now that you know, let’s start at┬ábeginning: the index.┬áNothing new here, just the regular index. I do color code it, because it will make it easy to differ the collections of the calendar and planning parts.

Index page, color coded

It is interesting to make this page if you are thinking about keeping your journal for many years – today you know where to find everything, but 5 years from now, you will have no idea.

Future log, a mess

I really like little calendars, they are super cute! Although, I don’t like that┬áthe dates are not in order┬á(and yes, I have OCD). This bothers me a lot, so next time, I will try something different for sure.

Not much going on April

So, these are the monthly spread I tested. I really enjoy the main one (which is the one on the bullet journal website as well), but the calendar is the one that I love. I won’t change it for some time, I’m sure.

I know.. We are far away from may, but my anxieties have anxieties.

The horrible part is that it takes too much space, so something that was in one page is now in two. Because MOLESKINE. I absolutely hate Moleskine. Their notebooks are way too small, the pages are too thin and the squared lines (the one I use) are too dark. This I can tell you: my next bujo┬áit┬áwon’t be a Moleskine.

Daily weekly layout. Not too happy with saturday and sunday being on the same ~place~

This is my weekly spread. I’m trying out different types now, as you can see, but I’m probably going to keep only one of them, mostly like the second one, because it looks so pretty *-*

Best weekly layout ever.

I’m thinking of adding some study plan for every week on may. I’ve put it on the “to-do list”, but I find it very hard to spot when I’m consulting my bujo, so that’s something I’ll show you guys later ­čśÇ

Daily layout. I might try something different.

So, these are the dailies I have used so far. I don’t know if I’ll keep them like this, because weeklies almost make them obsolete. It’s good to plan out the day and all, but I’m just not sure if this is space well used. If you have ideas of what else I could do in my dailies, please, leave a comment.

And that’s it! Hope you liked it. I’ll show my collections on some other post, so this is not too long. ­čśë