Daily layout ideas #2

For this month’s daily layout ideas I wanted to share my latest dailies and also, some of the nicest layouts I found on Instagram. Enjoy!

My dailies are very simple, so there is a lot of journaling 😀
S – S I M P L I C I T Y
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I love this spread. So simple and clean! ❤

#planwithmechallenge July Day 17: Biggest planner accomplishment? Starting! I know it sounds silly, but I waited & waited to start…..trying to find the ‘right’ system for me. Once I finally began, my style developed into exactly what I was looking for the entire time. All I had to do was START!
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This one is so cute and happy! 😀

Entre deux mails, un upload et une actu’ de bujo, je craque sur pokemon avec ma nouvelle 2DS, que mon loup m’a offert ! C’est le maaaaal !😅 #pokemongo #pokemon #saphiralpha #nintendo #nintendo2ds #bulletjournal #organisation #breaktime

Absolutely love this one, it’s perfect! Going to try something similar ❤

Loving the new swimming stickers! #bulletjournal

Loving the doodles and stickers! 😀

Hope you guys enjoyed! 😉

Daily layout ideas #1

Hi guys! As I told you before, I’m going to make a series of layout ideas (for both weekly and daily spreads), and this is the first post for the dailies.

I know a lot of people prefer the dailies to the weeklies, I cannot say, I use both. 🙂

Here is some I came up with:

The 1st is one that I already posted (on my latest post, about the timeline). For those who like/want to track time spent in the day, this is the layout to go for.

Layout idea n. 1

This next one is a more colorful layout. Not really my thing, but I see many people enjoy a lot of color in their bujos. So, here it is.

Layout idea n. 2

The next ones are more minimalistic (I don’t know, I’m into black & white lately). The third one, with the usual horizontal header.

Layout idea n. 3

And the fourth one with the vertical header. I liked it. I’ll be using more vertical headers in the future.

Layout idea n. 4

And this is one of my daily pages in may. They keep coming up like this. A lot of b&w. And it’s lovely, so neat!

My dailies, lately.

So, for the #2 of this post, I want to select some of your dailies to show. Comment the Instagram link of your daily or tag me there @theladyandtheink and I’ll see it! 🙂

The timeline

The first time I saw the timeline was on Boho Berry and I really liked the idea.

What is a timeline?

A time-tracker for your day, so you can schedule and plan all events and tasks that are time-sensitive.

What’s the purpose?

Having a timeline allows you to have a glance of how much free-time is left in the day, and adjust accordingly (removing or adding tasks).

You can have the timeline to be the range you like. For instance, I usually wake up at 6h, so I don’t need my timeline to be from 0h to 23h, but from 6h to 23h.
Pros and cons

The pros are almost all said — you can have a better idea of what your day is going to look like, you can see how much time you will actually have to do the tasks you have scheduled, and, of course, it looks more organised. But there are cons, like the inflexibility that a time-based schedule gives (which can be helpful for some people, but it just drives me crazy) and it takes up some space, after all.

Layout ideas when using the timeline

bullet journal weekly layout with timeline

A weekly layout with a timeline.

A daily layout very similar to what I use
A minimalistic layout 🙂

How I Bullet Journal

So, this is my very first post and I would like to introduce you guys to the way I do my bullet journalling. 🙂

Well, first, what is a bullet journal?

Ok, so now that you know, let’s start at beginning: the index. Nothing new here, just the regular index. I do color code it, because it will make it easy to differ the collections of the calendar and planning parts.

Index page, color coded

It is interesting to make this page if you are thinking about keeping your journal for many years – today you know where to find everything, but 5 years from now, you will have no idea.

Future log, a mess

I really like little calendars, they are super cute! Although, I don’t like that the dates are not in order (and yes, I have OCD). This bothers me a lot, so next time, I will try something different for sure.

Not much going on April

So, these are the monthly spread I tested. I really enjoy the main one (which is the one on the bullet journal website as well), but the calendar is the one that I love. I won’t change it for some time, I’m sure.

I know.. We are far away from may, but my anxieties have anxieties.

The horrible part is that it takes too much space, so something that was in one page is now in two. Because MOLESKINE. I absolutely hate Moleskine. Their notebooks are way too small, the pages are too thin and the squared lines (the one I use) are too dark. This I can tell you: my next bujo it won’t be a Moleskine.

Daily weekly layout. Not too happy with saturday and sunday being on the same ~place~

This is my weekly spread. I’m trying out different types now, as you can see, but I’m probably going to keep only one of them, mostly like the second one, because it looks so pretty *-*

Best weekly layout ever.

I’m thinking of adding some study plan for every week on may. I’ve put it on the “to-do list”, but I find it very hard to spot when I’m consulting my bujo, so that’s something I’ll show you guys later 😀

Daily layout. I might try something different.

So, these are the dailies I have used so far. I don’t know if I’ll keep them like this, because weeklies almost make them obsolete. It’s good to plan out the day and all, but I’m just not sure if this is space well used. If you have ideas of what else I could do in my dailies, please, leave a comment.

And that’s it! Hope you liked it. I’ll show my collections on some other post, so this is not too long. 😉