Supplies I use

I’m a part of the Bullet Journal Junkies Facebook group (join us!) and I often see a lot of people buying pens and markers, and stickers, and oh, well.. A lot of things to start bullet journalling. First things first: you don’t need any of that. Start with the basics: a black pen and a notebook. Maybe some colored pencils.

Here is what I use:

  • Black pens
Left to right: the UniPin 0.05mm, UniBall Eye micro and the Micron 01

I use a UniPin 0.05mm that goes really well with my notebook. But it is useful to have a 0.1mm for doodles. I have used a Molin GelPen 0.5mm (waaaay too thick for me) and a Micron 01 (I don’t like the Microns, the point is too soft for writing, but for drawing is ok, I guess).

  • Colored pencils
The FaberCastell Aquarela, set with 24

I have some watercolor pencils by FaberCastell, and I really love them (I only bought because I use them for other things too). And don’t really miss any colored pens. 🙂

  • Sticky notes


Ok, I am crazy about post-its. I just love them. But I do control myself not to buy things that I don’t really need, so my collection is quite small.

  • Washi tape
I still need to find other colors 😦

I have grown fond of washis, but since they are a little hard to find in Brazil, I don’t have as many as I wish (would really like to have: purple, pink, yellow, orange and more b&w).

In my opinion, when you use too much things, it kind of lose its purpose. It’s not about getting organised anymore, it’s about  having a lot of pens, stamps, post-its, washis etc. And you will get to a point where you don’t even use all that, except, maybe, occasionally, when you feel motivated to go through all that decoration party at your planner. I feel that is when the days are neater and cleaner that I do my best to keep up with the scheduled I have.

One thing is certain: you should let it grow before putting too much effort in it. We all have a little anxiety and want to have the perfectly decorated bujo we see on Tumblr. The bullet journal is not about perfection and it is not a competition to have the prettiest journal. It just needs to work for you. If it does, you have only to add details to polish it. Be cool about it 🙂