Daily Inserts – Free Printable

Firstly, happy new year!


To start this year nicely, I present to you the daily inserts! As always, they are minimalistic, in black & white, but more options will soon be available. 😀

This layout has a squared dotted grid (confusing haha!) for planning, lists, journaling, whatever you are into, and a meal & urgent section, so you can keep track of your health and your top tasks for each day.

Download it here: daily_blank_01

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All my best to you this year! ❤

Weekly Inserts – Free Printable

It took me a long time to head back, but here I am. And I brought a new printable with me: a 2-page weekly!

In one page you can have all your appointments and time-sensitive tasks and on the other page, your to-do list for the week, a note and “next week” section, to jot down things to remember, what’s coming up, etc.

This printable is entirely made by me and cannot be sold by anyone without my permission. You can download it here: Undated Horizontal Weekly (A5).

The master plan

I’m finishing my first bullet journal. The feeling is awesome, I have never used a planner for longer than a month before, and we all know the bullet journal is much, much more than that.

So, now I’m thinking of a master plan for my next one. I reached a small problem because I want to keep the next six months inside the next one*, but where I live (Brazil, btw) we don’t have any notebooks with more than 160 pages (actually, they have 160 sheets of paper, which makes it 320 pages, counting both back and front). Do the math: if I use around 40 pages for each month, and there are more lists and collections in between, I might run out of space before the end of the year. That is certainly one of my biggest worries. But, oh well, I’ll figure it out when I get there.

Back to the plan!

I have made 3 lists of things:

  1. Journal set up (index, future log, calendar & fixed collections – like my study plan for the semester)
  2. New dashboard to be flexibly followed when I set up each month
  3. Collection ideas
The journal setup


YES! I want to change! I don’t really enjoy my current set up, I don’t even use it. The next one is going to be minimalistic 😀



I do enjoy my dash the way it is now, but I would rather have more function. I’m still thinking about it.

Collections I want to have

I’m still thinking about it! I do know that these will be on it (they are listed on the master plan pic):

  • Birthday list & gift ideas
  • Wishlist
  • Savings tracker
  • Reading goal for july to december
  • Movies to see
  • DIY project ideas
  • Recipes to try
  • Blog post ideas
  • Business ideas

There will also be a section for my study plan of the semester.

If you want to see my monthly setups, here is may and june! 😀

Any other ideas? 😀

*I want the next six months on that one because it’s easier for me to organize myself. My school year is divided in two semesters, to plan it monthly or in a irregular time period, would not help me at all.