Yes, me & my trackers. I love trackers. They are so useful! If I do [or need to do] something repeatedly, I need a tracker. 🙂

This one you have seen before, on my Wishlist & Savings post. Originally, I wanted Smaug hoarding his gold, but then the drawing was to complex to me, so I gave up. On the other hand, I still wanted to have Smaug there, so there it is. 🙂

Smaug will protect my gold.

Now that I’m taking the blog more seriously, thought that a social media tracker would be a very nice tool to have, so I can see how I’m doing and all. 🙂

I know! Forgot Instagram!

My reading log is also a reading tracker, where I put how many pages the book has and track how much I read every day, something like this:

0p.       100p.       200p.      300p.      400p.

bullet journal reading log and sleep tracker

The reading log functions as a tracker (for how many pages I read per day or week, depending on the size of the book) and the sleep tracker is more a timeline of my sleep.

This one you have also seen before (the July setup post) and is pretty simple. Credits for the depression level and symptoms tracker go to writes like a girl 🙂

bullet journal depression and mood tracker

The monthly expense and habit tracker are pretty self explanatory, right?

bullet journal habit and expenses tracker

This is my faithful companion: the weekly tracker! I use this much more often than other trackers, just for the essentials of having a good day. 🙂

The first week of july 😀

The daily tracker is not so much of a tracker, but I do try to keep track of some things: like my medication, hydration and the weather. 🙂

I am liking these one page dailies. A lot of journalling.

So, what about you? Do you guys have trackers as well? 🙂


Wishlist & Savings

I am truly excited about this page! Tolkien fans will also be excited. I wanted to control my savings, so nothing better than a savings spread. And on the very side, a wishlist, so I can see how much money I can (not) spend. 🙂

Like the rest of my new notebook, a more simplistic spread. Except for Smaug, the Tyrannical.

The Smaug drawing is just a copy of Tolkien’s from The Hobbit. 🙂

Another angle because this page is awesome! ❤

So, what do you guys think? Do you have these spreads? 🙂