Weekly layout ideas #1

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I wanted to post something different, so here it goes: some layout ideas, to be a series. Once a month I’ll post some new layouts here for you guys to get come inspiration.

The first one I posted (June weeklies) so you can see it there, in detail.

Weekly idea n. 1: with a frog!

I had a similar layout in may, that you can see here:

I loved this layout. So pretty *-*

The second one is a part of the next post (about the timeline), in which we have the days of the week on top, weather info, to-do list for the days with marks for the time-sensitive tasks as well as a shopping list, a master to-do and a tracker. Nothing new here.

Weekly layout n. 2: with a timeline!

And in the last one we have the weeks on the first page and all other info on the second page. I love this minimalist style, I’ll try for my next weeklies.

Weekly layout n.3: A more simple style.

Do you guys have other weekly layouts to share? Tag me at instagram @theladyandtheink

The may setup!

Hi! So, a new month begins! I was really excited for may, cause I have made plans for it in my bujo since march (yes, I know, but my anxieties have anxieties).

For the first time, I tried a calendar monthly spread, and I’m loving it!
This is my new tracker. I left some room to put more things in as the month goes (and I divided into sections, to organize the types of chores/routine to-dos). Also, you can see my expense log (let’s hope it stays this empty the whole month).

Lastly, the weekly spread for this week. I’m loving this type of spread, it has everything I need. (The word you are looking for and the post-it is hiding is STUDY).


I’m ready for may! *-*

What about you, guys? Post your spreads too!

This week’s spread

I’m just writing again because I said that I would post an updated photo of my spread with a Study Plan in it.


I used to keep the study plan on my to-do list, but that was simply not ideal. I was always lost on things.

It is very simple, and well, you can see this weekend was lazy (I usually study from thursday to sunday, because between monday and Wednesday I’m too busy).