This post is just something I had in my old bullet journal and transferred to this one, so nothing really new 🙂

These are the books I have but haven’t read yet and my list of nothing to watch. I’m accepting suggestions.

I was going to put a quote page for each of these (reading and watching spreads), but then, I’ll never remember to use it. It’s more interesting to incorporate the quotes on my dailies or weeklies, to make me remember what I was reading and how that influenced me in life. 🙂

Again, nothing new, just projects & recipes spread.

I wanted to include these because I’m planning to redecorate most of my house, starting from the living room, that we don’t even use that much, so this page will be more like an index for reference to other pages (each project will have a page).


What are the collections that you always need in your bujo? 😀

Bullet Journal Collections

Hi guys! Today I’m going to show you some collection ideas. I think collections are a very organised way to keep disorganized things together. 😀 Yep, I know. Also, it makes your day much more practical.

Of course, I’m going to show you my collections, but by no means you should do it all in your bujo. You should work on collections that make your life easier, like grocery shopping lists (this is very handy).



  • Reading list

This list is not for this year only, as it would be unrealistic (because, come’on, I’m a physics undergrad). I’m going to make another one for my next bujo, to keep track of books that I did read already (I know, I might need a whole other bujo for it).


  • Interesting movies

Again, very obvious.


  • Favorite quotes

I don’t put long quotes here, as you can see. For those I make a hole word-art page 🙂


  • Recipes to try

It’s interesting to actually write those recipes down and make this collection an index page.


  • Wishlist

Dreaming doesn’t hurt. 🙂


  • Wedding ideas

Brainstorming 🙂


  • Doodle page & handwriting page

This is one of my reference pages for doodles and lettering. ^^


So, let me hear from you, what are your collections and suggestions? *-*